My name is Thomas Suurland and I’m 30 years old and from Denmark. I started doing 3d back in 1993 using 3d Studio Release 3 for DOS, it was very limited what the program could do but it took a loooong time to learn as there was no internet and tutorials to read.

After some years I got a job at a local game company where I did real-time models and intro movies for games, but in my spare time I did more and more high poly work and started to concentrate on photorealism so in 2000 I started my own freelancing company where I did high-poly modeling and product visualization. My biggest challenge back then was to model a car, which I succeeded to do after some miserable attempts, clients started to notice this and hired me to work on both modeling and rendering cars, so as you can tell by my portfolio cars are definitely my niche.

My hobby is photography which goes hand in hand with 3d since it can teach you a lot about composition and colors. And to know how to make 3d photo real you have to know how a photo "looks and works".

In 2008 I started where I’m selling high resolution full spherical HDRi maps and backplates that can be used to make photorealistic renderings of cars. And In 2009 I started where I got a few tools developed that are available for free and also selling ultra high resolution textures for use in architecture visualization on the site.

During the years as a freelancer I’ve worked on a lot of interesting projects with end-clients such as: Peugeot, VW, Sony, Bang & Olufsen, Statoil, Volvo, Mitsubishi and many more.

If you’re interested in having some freelance work done then please have a look in the "freelance" section on my homepage.

  If you want to talk to me for some reason, or if you want to report broken links or general problems concerning the page. Or if you want to give some constructive criticism regarding my portfolio or photos. Then please contact me trough email or MSN. Possible bussiness relations are also welcome to phone me.

Mobile: +45 22160500

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