In 2001 i was the first on the internet to make a collection of blueprints for the use in 3d modeling, since then I unfortunately haven’t had time to keep the site updated so others have taken over and made bigger collections then me, but despite that mine is still available here.

Vehicles Planes Ships
Cars -Sports Fighters -Jet Carriers
Cars -Urban Fighters -Propeller Cruisers, Destroyers and Frigates
Tracked Vehicles Airliners -Jet Submarines
Army -Wheeled Airliners -Propeller Boats
  Transport -Jet  
  Transport -Propeller  
  Bombers -Jet  
  Bombers -Propeller  
  Light Aircrafts  
  Recon, Surveillance and Patrol  
  Unknown or out of catagory  

  New Beetle "Making Of"
Blueprint setup (3dsmax4)
Blueprint setup (Rhino)
Smoke (3dsmax3)
Grass (3dsmax2 and 3)
Football (3dsmax2)

  Coke Bottle

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